Helsinki High-rise
International Design-build Competition
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Helsinki High-rise

YIT proposed as the winner of the Helsinki High-rise Competition
Pictures of the winning proposal and the other finalist

The Finnish State and City of Helsinki are organizing a Competition for the design and construction of the Central Pasila Tower Area located in Helsinki. The Competition is an architectural Competition, which includes transfer of property on terms and conditions of development agreement, negotiated during the Competition.

The purpose of the Competition is to choose a high-quality plan, which includes 150 000–200 000 square metres of residential, office and commercial floorspace, which can serve as a basis for zoning and implementation. The Competition aims at finding of a buyer and executor for 40 000–65 000 floor square metres Start-Up Area, located in the western part of the Tower Area.

The winner will be selected based on city planning criteria. The economic operator who has drawn up qualitatively the best design solution shall have the right and obligation to purchase the building rights of the Start-Up Area at unit prices specified in Competition programme, and implement the complex according to its plan.

During the Competition, it is also possible to agree that the organizers and the winner of the Competition undertake to negotiate the implementation and redemption of the properties located to the South of the Start-Up Area, after starting construction of the first tower in Start-Up Area.

The plan location is an entity called the Central Pasila Tower Area. It is located in Finland's most accessible area - a traffic hub adjacent to the Pasila train station.


Towers at least 15 floors
150 000–200 000 floor square metres

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